June 3, 2020
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Economic Development

Local and Regional

  1. Saskatchewan South East Enterprise Region, see Enterprise Regions (Overview)
  2. Saskatchewan South Central Enterprise Region, see Enterprise Regions (Overview)
  3. Regina Regional Opportunities Commission (Overview)
  4. Moose Jaw Region REDA
  5. East Central Development Corporation (CFDC)
  6. South Central CFDC
  7. Sunrise CFDC
  8. Community Futures Saskatchewan

Enterprise Saskatchewan

  1. Enterprise Saskatchewan
  2. Agency Information
  3. Programs and Services
  4. Business and Investment
  5. Saskatchewan's Economy
  6. Key Economic Sectors
  7. Promoting Saskatchewan
  8. Enterprise Regions (Overview)
  9. Enterprise Regions Contact List
  10. Enterprise Regions

Services and Resources

  1. Saskbiz.ca
  2. BizPaL - Business Permits and Licences
  3. Business Infosource (Canada-Saskatchewan Business Service Centre)
  4. Small Business Loans Asscoiations (SBLAs)
  5. Youth Opportunities Unleasshed (YOU)
  6. Saskatchewan Manufacturers' Guide
  7. Saskatchewan Mining Goods and Services Directory
  8. Oil and Gas Guide
  9. Major Projects Inventory
  10. Saskatchewan Aboriginal Business Directory

Other Provincial Links

  1. Business and Industry Sites
  2. Crown Investments Corporation
  3. Saskatchewan Research Council / Science and Technology Sites
  4. Ministry of Agriculture / Farming and Agri-Food Industry Sites
  5. Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics
  6. Ministry of Energy and Resources
  7. Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Resources
  8. Saskatchewan Mineral Resources
  9. Corporations Branch (Ministry of Justice and Attorney General)
  10. Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission
  11. Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan (ISC)
  12. Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP)
  13. Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
  14. Saskatchewan Economic Development Ascociation
  15. Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan

National and Federal Links

  1. Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership Agreeement (WEPA)
  2. Western Economic Diversification Canada
  3. Canada Business
  4. Industry Canada
  5. Business Development Bank of Canada
  6. Statistics Canada
  7. Canadian Technology Network
  8. Federal Partners in Technology Transfer
  9. Canadian Innovation Centre
  10. Canadian Commercial Corporation
  11. Export Development Corporation
  12. Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC)
  13. Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  14. Canadian Community Economity Development Network

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